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Babtunde Akinboboye

Who is Babatunde Akinbobye?

Babatunde Akinboboy is a ‘multitude.’ He’s a Nigerian, born in the US, grew up in Lagos, and Los Angeles. He’s a hip-hop listener and an opera singer.

Babatunde might be the “King” of Hip Hopera, though. At least, that’s what the fans are saying.

After his December 2018 car-concert video (“What opera sounds like in my head… hip hopera”) went viral on social media, he has attracted the attention of Time, ClassicFM, Unilad Sound, Right This Minute, and more.


Babatunde’s Hip Hopera is a unique combination and styling of sounds pulled from Babatunde’s classical opera repertoire and popular hip hop beat vernacular. 

Recent social sensations, such as “Babatunde’s Hip Hopera Synopsis of Opera” have delighted opera to hip hop fans and many in between. The kids love his music. They can identify his voice from the far reaches of the house or class room. Adults are vibing out to his music with the morning coffee, at work, on the ride home,  pre-gaming before Friday night gatherings. and keeping pace with him at the gym. #HipHoperaGuy is bringing so much joy to people who have rarely given opera a thought. 

Hip Hopera isn’t a new thing, but the way Babatunde is bringing his version of this sound to the masses is particularly ‘Babatunde.’

You can find Babatunde’s limited EP “Della Cita” right here. Look for a full album coming in late 2019!

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