Join the movement

Accelerate the “redistribution of that which is dope.” 

The mission

In order to start a movement, create a legitimized new genre of music and performance that is “Hip Hopera,” it takes an audience. It takes people like you to help spread the word, the love, excitement.

Join me in flipping the script.

Let us prove that the narrative ‘Opera is for one type of person and Hip Hop is for another’ is outdated.

Let us show up and represent. Let us make a statement through our creativity, our open minded thinking. Challenge the ‘quo.

The rapping opera singer. The twerking ballet dancer. Those who listen to Trap and Tchaikovsky.

My people.

Let us #TurnUp with our #PinkiesUp!


A Promise to You

What is your support going to do?


Full EP

Ya’ll want a Full Hip Hopera Album and I want to deliver.  


Stuff for the kids

I see a lot of people saying they are enjoying Hip Hopera with their kids. It can be hard to find entertainment that parents and kids can enjoy together. I’d like to offer that.


hip hopera production

Create a fully fledged Hip Hopera production, with smaller versions that can be performed at schools


Being Dope

It brings me great joy to make your day better, happier, easier. Your support allows me to continue to entertain you.

#TurnUp #Pinkiesup